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The Center for Case Management provides job postings for a small fee on our website.  Please contact Sue Wilson Hall directly at  or by phone at 508-975-4529 for complete details.      

Two (2) Career Opportunities Subcontracting with CCM

Introduction: The Center for Case Management specializes in providing current case management experts to the healthcare industry. It is what differentiates us and makes us so helpful to our clients. So if you are job-hunting, recently retired, working part-time, or on sabbatical, we hope you will consider joining us as a subcontractor. We cannot guarantee specific numbers of days of work, but we will try to give you as much time as you want to work. Daily professional fees are negotiable, depending on depth and breadth of your experience.

You will receive FULL SUPPORT from us:

  • Every CCM contract is led by a CCM executive
  • Interim Directors receive weekly phone support from our most experienced interim
  • Learn how to provide strategic planning for the future of case management
  • Join teams of other experts on assessments
  • Gain access to almost 30 years of case management knowledge and know-how!


1. Pediatric RN or MSW Case Management Expert

  • 5 years’ experience as an inpatient case management leader on a pediatric unit or pediatric hospital
  • Masters’ degree required
  • Outpatient or home care experience preferred
  • Minimum of 1 year commitment to CCM required

2. Interim RN or MSW Directors of Case Management Departments

  • 5 years’ experience as a case management director
  • Masters’ degree required
  • Minimum Commitment is 3-4 days/week for 6 months
  • CMAC (Case Management Administrator-Certified) preferred


The Center for Case Management occasionally has openings for skilled sub-contractors, please feel free to submit your CV for consideration to Sue Wilson Hall at

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