Behavioral Health/Psychiatric Population Healthcare

Although the volumes of diagnoses and medications needed to help these populations have changed drastically over the last half century, their basic care needs have not.  Until recently, the impact of mental illness on physically-ill people was not well-acknowledged, and the same has been true in reverse: the impact of physical illness on mentally ill people remained a treatment dilemma.  The healthcare industry spotlight has finally turned its attention to both situations. CCM uses a traditional approach for the consulting support needed by healthcare clients that serve this complicated group in different levels of care throughout the continuum.


  • New Strategies for Stabilizing Behavioral Health Patients in the Emergency Department
  • Assessment of Inpatient Units and Day Hospital Programs including Utilization Review and Discharge Planning Roles
  • Coaching and training for RN and MSW case managers embedded in medical homes and clinic Nurse Practitioners
  • Custom-development of Continuum of Care Plans