Bundled CareMap™/Care Plan (90 Days)

Bundled CareMap™/Care Plan (90 Days)

CCM, while part of New England Medical Center (now Tufts Medical Center, Boston) in the early 80’s, was the originator of critical paths. Creating these multidisciplinary tools became a process that literally went viral around the world—before there were computers!

CareMap™ (tools) added clinical outcomes along with the necessary interventions for each phase/stage of care. Bundled payment methods are demanding a renewed interest in CareMaps as THE plan of care across levels of care for at least 90 days. The CareMap ™ that is developed will be a standard of practice on paper and a tool for use by the team, not the patient/family. CCM recommends that pictorial plans of care be given to patients, including phone numbers of key providers. Health Systems and ACOs will have to determine how each CareMap ™ will be computerized.

Note: The work of clinical case managers/care coordinators is to individualize each “best practice” CareMap ™ for each unique patient and caregiver/family situation, including comparing the prices per level of care.


  1. CUSTOM-DEVELOPED 90 Day Bundled CareMap ™ tool: CCM can help you develop one CareMap ™ per day/diagnosis or population, which includes a license to use the trademark.
  2. Developed with the lead physicians and multidisciplinary teams across SNF, Home Health/Hospice, IRF, LTACH, Outpatient, etc. most involved with that diagnostic population
  3. Costs and days will be allocated to each level of care and/or interventions.
  4. MEASUREABLE OUTCOMES will be identified in 4 large categories:
    • Health (mental and physical)
    • Absence of complications most often found in that population
    • Function (physical, work, role)
    • Knowledge
  5. KEY INTERVENTIONS will be associated with each day/phase/stage/level of care in at least 9 different categories, including
    • Assessment
    • Tests/Monitoring
    • Consults
    • Nutrition
    • Therapies
    • Medications
    • Safety
    • Teaching
    • Community Agencies