Onsite Collaborative Practice/Team Development

At the Center, we know that success in case management is “all about relationships” and that collaborative practices are the keys to successful outcomes.  Examples of core teams are:  SW-RN partnerships, Hospitalist-Case Managers, Emergency Department Care Providers-Case Management Staff, Unit Staff Nurses-Case Managers, Therapist-Case Management Teams, Multidisciplinary Rounds and Long Stay/Complex Care Rounds, Primary PCP-Specialist Practices, and Inpatient-Outpatient Case Managers across the Continuum.

As case management staff members develop their collaborative skills, they will increase their value as members of the patient care team to which they are assigned.  By using interactive processes, one-on- one and group coaching, role modeling, and lecture, CCM experts will address all of the unique learning needs of your team members.

Collaborative Practice/Team Development Deliverables:

  • Evaluation of Team Function and Effectiveness
  • Coaching/Mentoring of Partnerships and Teams; available per day or week