Physician Advisor/Medical Director of Case Management Onsite Coaching

The Physician Advisor/Medical Director of Case Management is increasingly-acknowledged as a critical position in hospitals, health systems, and ACOs.  The Physician Advisor has become a physician practice specialty. The Center provides job descriptions, competency evaluation tools, and organized 1-1 onsite coaching for physicians that are newly-appointed to the role or those that want to upgrade their effectiveness.

Physician relationships and their comprehensive understanding of case management are key to an effective case management service.  The Physician Advisor is the link between case management and the medical staff by providing on- going education about the rules of reimbursement , CMS’s Conditions of Participation (including the mandated Utilization Review Committee), MD-to-MD consultation for removing clinical risks and barriers to outcomes and transition, denials and appeals advocacy, and preventing ultimate ethical and legal complications.

Physician Advisor Coaching Deliverables:

  • Initial Assessment of role and learning needs
  • Planned 1-1 coaching schedule, available per day or week