Here’s what people are saying about us


Matt Boettcher was absolutely wonderful while we were on site at St Joseph’s. He had a lot of good ideas and hopefully we can implement some at the Med.

Terri Adams, The Med, Memphis, TN

You have been extremely helpful and encouraging Sue (Sue Wilson- CCM) – thanks so much. I did wonder when I started out how I could make appropriate contacts – but I have ended up with a terrific set of visits. The Nightingale committee phoned me today to let me know they’re very happy with the plan

Christine Hoy, Nurse Practitioner Restalrig Park Centre Edinburg, Scotland UK

Thank you (Kathy Walsh) for the wonderful work you did for and with us. You gave us exactly what we needed, an assessment and a plan on how to successfully start a pragmatic, focused and tactical ED CM program. We’ve been up for 2 weeks and as we deal with little things and continue to tweak our approach, it started positively and continues to build fans.
We really can’t thank you enough. You were charming, patient, collaborative, and extremely knowledgeable and a great teacher. What a combination!

Ricki Stajer, Jill Schuyler, Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital, Whittier, CA

These were the first consultants we have had that really know what they are doing at the level of detail where we were having problems. Because of their suggestions, our Medicare LOS is already going down, the physicians have become more responsive to us, and we have the ability to work on our other targets.

Executive Team of Vice-Presidents at a community hospital in the Midwest

In…our view [Karen Zander is] a nursing administrator who is exceptionally committed to preparing leaders for the profession of nursing. Thank you for all your caring and effort…

Jane Arioan EdD, RN, Associate Professor, School of Nursing, Northeastern University

“The [case management] conference at the Massachusetts Hospital Association was an incredible hit….it was exactly what I wanted and they needed—it had a rippling effect throughout the department!”

Suzanne Burke RN, MS, Interim Director Case Management, Cape Cod Healthcare, Inc.

”Thank you again for going above and beyond with this project”

Geri Spanek , Managing Editor HCPro, Danvers, MA

  • Karen is the reason I attend this conference.  She is a wealth of information about what is happening in the Case Management profession.
  • Karen is amazingly knowledgeable and has a wonderful way of presenting.  She really engages the audience.
  • Karen is always a pleasure to listen to.  She is one smart woman and I love the fact that she keeps it real.

Participant comments from National Conference

“ I feel there has been so much value in our engagement with CCM and our work with Margaret.  The initial assessment helped us assess our staffing and justify some needs that we had.  It also helped us see the potential that we had to better utilize staff that we had and improve our model.  The subsequent visits have helped us:

  •         Assess individual performance among our Case Managers and Social Workers.  It was helpful to have someone from outside FGH work along side them and assess performance and make recommendations for follow-up and improvement.
  •         Bring CM and MSW together in working toward common goals.
  •         Create some common language between CM and MSW.
  •         Create unit based pairs of CM and MSW and build relationships.
  •         Highlight ways we can be more proactive in discharge planning.

Provide education for CM and MSW that we could never have afforded off-site for all team members.

Streamline our weekly outlier meeting so that we cover important topics.


Margaret has been extremely professional, easy to talk with, and organized.  The visits have flowed seamlessly from month to month.  Each time we’ve looked forward to having her come back and move to the next step.

I have a final call with her this Friday.  I appreciate all of the help that we’ve received!”

Angela Pace, RN, MSN, CPHQ, Chief Quality Officer, Forrest General Hospital

“Thanks so much for checking in and for all you did to support me in these efforts!”

Mary Carmody, RN, LCSW,Director, Care Management/Social Work

NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases, NY, NY


Mary Carmody, RN, LCSW,Director, Care Management/Social Work NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases

Bonnie, (Geld)

Thank you for being here.

I needed the support and more importantly, the  validation

Philicity Tinnie-Wilson
Director, Case Management
Nicklaus Children’s Hospital-   Miami, FL

Philicity Tinnie-Wilson-Director, Case Management - Nicklaus Children's Hospital- Miami, FL