About Us

The Center for Case Management, Inc., founded in 1986 at New England Medical Center Hospitals (now Tufts Medical Center), Boston. As a woman-owned company, The Center for Case Management continues to be the industry leader in the custom-development of tools, roles, and systems for managing outcome-driven care from the bedside to the boardroom at the lowest possible LOS and cost per case across the continuum. CCM’s clients include hospitals and health systems; small and large direct care provider agencies and physician groups, health plans, information systems and pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, and professional associations.

As the innovators of outcome-based clinical paths (CareMap™ tools) and clinical case management, CCM constantly expands those and other methods for achieving cost/quality outcomes, including analyses of case type level data and case management performance indicators for both payers and providers. CCM provides solutions and implementation strategies to meet the unique needs of clients as they seek ways to meet mission and margin targets.

Our Philosophy

For over a quarter of a century, CCM’s philosophy states that every patient and their family ideally requires continuity of a plan of care and continuity of a health care team to create a three-way balance of clinical, financial, and satisfaction outcomes. Realistically, classic case management/care coordination processes serve as the glue that creates continuity.

When we assess an organization’s abilities to provide the continuity to meet its evolving margin and mission targets, we begin a collaborative process from which we can fine-tune any necessary changes and interpret them in a way that makes sense to the key participants. We are able to “translate” priorities and strategies between the professional staff and administration. Our approach is to build on strengths and integrate functions that on the surface appear as separate initiatives or problems. We strive to leave our clients with positive energy for the work ahead, and a trusted relationship with us.

Because we understand the clinical and management “story behind the numbers”, we are able to provide reality-based solutions, with choices where reasonable examples are available. After we are finished with the assessment and recommendation phase, we remain available to you as you make revisions and to implement any aspect of change for which you need external support. On subsequent contracts, we help implement our client’s selected recommendations through a variety of means, including providing an interim director of case management if needed, train the trainer sessions, workshops, facilitation of collaborative practice groups, evaluation, audits, etc.

Our Services:

Consultation support for conversion to an Accountable Care Organization (ACO)

Roadmap for migration to Risk Contracts, Population Management, and Bundled Payments

Assessments of Case Management Departments and Related Functions

Implementation Support, including Training, Project Management,Policy and Clinical-Continuum Tool Development

Provision of Interim Directors of Case Management

Arrangement of site visits to best practice institutions

Speaker’s Bureau

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