Technology and Data

Drawing from the collective experiences of The Center For Case Management, our Technology and Data offerings are best in class, and recognized by industry leading software providers and healthcare systems today. Case Management is a data driven enterprise that can inform practices and translate cost savings for organizations. We work to empower your front line teams with technical workflows that make sense for the organization and can deliver actionable reporting to leaders. We don’t believe in the one-size fit’s all approach and work to match your needs with a solution that will grow with you.

As the developers of CARTBoard and CARTKids, we bring industry experience to the table and can guide your teams in both workflow optimization and obtaining metrics that will influence outcomes across your organization.  The Center for Case Management Technology team provides a broad range of support in the Case Management field. Our experts have, at a minimum, 10 years of experience in Technical (IT or Data) roles and are certified Developers in a minimum of 2 clinical applications with proficiencies in many others.

Across all forms of Case Management practice, and no matter the application or system, our technology team prioritizes workflow review. With requirements gathering, requirements translation, build validations, and Implementation support, our experts strive to make the upgrade or build processes efficient.

Our Technology Offerings

Our Technology team members provide a wide array of services, including:

  • New Workflow Technical Evaluation and Development
  • Existing Workflow Technical Evaluation and Development
  • Application Build support or guidance
  • Registry deployments
  • Reporting Services and Report Development
  • Dashboard Development
  • Technical Project Assistance, Requirements Translation and Build validation
  • Support for established technical staff

Insightful Dashboards

Our CARTBoard suite of dashboards empower leaders with timely, actionable insight.

Improving Performance

We offer relevant and insightful reports that empower leaders to drive change from the bedside to the boardroom.

Case Management Metrics

With more than 20 industry specific and custom metrics, our CARTBoard suite of dashboards deliver information efficiently and effectively