Business Partners

Evolve Resources

Known as “The Nice Headhunters,” Evolve Resources strategically handpicked their team, who were all colleagues we had worked with over the years and are the best at what they do. The name Evolve Resources not only speaks to the nature of our business and the ever-changing job markets but also that we are constantly evolving to create the best experience for you. Evolve connects clients and candidates with the best opportunities. Their in-depth relationships with clients make placing candidates more streamlined. Evolve works to understand more than just the job requirements but the soft skills and larger organizational needs as well, simplifying the recruitment process for you.


RoundingWell helps organizations standardize and scale processes across care teams via the deployment of clinical programs. Providers configure programs, such as care transitions or medication management, by combining our functionality with data, rules, and content. As the central hub for care team operations, RoundingWell reduces friction and enables clinicians to focus on caring for patients. Streamline workflows. Drive action. Get results.

Massachusetts Hospital Association

As the primary representative of the hospital community in Massachusetts, MHA plays a central role in influencing the public policy environment. Grounded in the principle that caring for people is the primary mission of its member hospitals and health systems, MHA seeks to promote responsible public policy, encourage public accountability, and foster an appropriate balance between those who provide and those who pay for healthcare services.