Business Partners

North Highland’s Nashville office is a prime example of the company’s work/life balance philosophy in action. Founded in 1999, this office was opened by a group of former “Big 5” consultants who were looking for a way to get off the road while continuing to do the challenging consulting work that they loved. The office has since grown to employ more than 40 consultants, serving clients in the healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, entertainment, hospitality, and insurance industries. With many of the world’s healthcare companies headquartered in Nashville, North Highland’s national healthcare practice is directed from this office.
As the primary representative of the hospital community in Massachusetts, MHA plays a central role in influencing the public policy environment. Grounded in the principle that caring for people is the primary mission of its member hospitals and health systems, MHA seeks to promote responsible public policy, encourage public accountability, and foster an appropriate balance between those who provide and those who pay for healthcare services.
RoundingWell helps organizations standardize and scale processes across care teams via the deployment of clinical programs. Providers configure programs, such as care transitions or medication management, by combining our functionality with data, rules, and content. As the central hub for care team operations, RoundingWell reduces friction and enables clinicians to focus on caring for patients.Streamline workflows. Drive action. Get results.