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North Highland’s Nashville office is a prime example of the company’s work/life balance philosophy in action. Founded in 1999, this office was opened by a group of former “Big 5” consultants who were looking for a way to get off the road while continuing to do the challenging consulting work that they loved. The office has since grown to employ more than 40 consultants, serving clients in the healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, entertainment, hospitality, and insurance industries. With many of the world’s healthcare companies headquartered in Nashville, North Highland’s national healthcare practice is directed from this office.

Formerly known as Resonant Advisory Services, delivers a full spectrum of secondary case review and audit defense services.

Our approach is to provide physician advisors who are focused on outcomes, not volume of cases. To accomplish this goal, we focus on continuous process improvement, learning from each case and reducing the need for secondary or concurrent reviews and ultimately avoiding claim denials or need for appeals management. Bringing back end information about denials and DRG validation to the front end, we create a process to automate case reviews rather than relying on case manager involvement.

As the need for physician advisor medical reviews decrease, the team will focus a higher percentage of time on provider education, coding documentation improvement committee involvement and aligning with hospital objectives. Rather than relying on high case volumes to support the need for outsourced services, our physician advisory services yield a higher proportion of attention shifted toward support of coordinated care and standardized practice without requiring minimum case volume.

As the primary representative of the hospital community in Massachusetts, MHA plays a central role in influencing the public policy environment. Grounded in the principle that caring for people is the primary mission of its member hospitals and health systems, MHA seeks to promote responsible public policy, encourage public accountability, and foster an appropriate balance between those who provide and those who pay for healthcare services.
We collaborate with hospitals to enhance patients’ transitions of care. Our passion is to promote patient health, satisfaction and loyalty while providing insight into the post-discharge experience. With our innovative communication platform and in-depth analytics, we support hospitals’ financial well-being by reducing avoidable readmissions and allowing optimal use of skilled nursing resources.
Web-based patient engagement and relationship management for coordinating care beyond the hospital, clinic, or office.

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