Implementation Services

CFCM supports clients with a wide variety of training programs, skills building and several tailored coaching programs. We provide both on-site and remote coaching support for new leaders in case management programs, across the spectrum of case management. Whether you have new leaders in adult and pediatric hospitals, health systems, home care/hospice agencies, SNFs, or ACO, we have a number of skilled coaches as well as training programs that can be tailored to your needs.

Management of observation patients is more than just placing the patient in the right status. The right model of care for observation patients will produce outcomes even more impressive than compliance. Our model will improve capacity, decrease the length of stay, and ensure optimal reimbursement. The Center for Case Management team has the tools, templates, and implementation pathway to best practice. Engaging the center will increase your opportunity to build a sustainable, successful model for your observation patients.

Our Approach

Our educational roots are grounded in over 50 years of experience in the industry. During many of those years, our consultants dedicated time to elevating the practice of case management through teaching. Our consultants have experience in multiple forms of education, including:

* On-site coaching for staff or leaders

* Remote skills building and coaching

* Training and orientation support


Step 1

Our process starts with an introduction and review of structure, program size, and anticipated needs.

Step 2

From leadership coaching to multi-person orientation, we aim to assess the person, the organization, and departmental needs prior to the start of training or coaching. Our team leverages a simple data and policy request, existing material review (such as orientation documents), org chart, and phone meetings with key individuals.

Step 3

After we’ve captured and confirmed the needs of your health organization, we will kick off the training or coaching program. Contact us to get started!