Hospital Patient Flow

Case Managers and Social Workers can be very effective and influential in managing capacity challenges. CFCM performs assessments to understand the sources of patient flow challenges and optimize case management and social work practice to ensure effective patient flow.

Critical to the operations of the acute care hospital, patient flow is the art and science of bed management—matching level of care, transfer acceptance, transportation coordination, and logistics. The synergy of these services are often felt when managed or operated in tandem with hospital case management. Together, these powerful entities can affect the bottom line and translate measurable, meaningful impacts to your organization. 

Is your inpatient capacity consistently over 85%? When you hit that number, systems begin to become ineffective and cause backups in the entry points, increasing cost to the organization and compromising patient satisfaction.

Do you consistently have at least 15-20% of ED patients in border status? When flow is compromised, the ED is impacted.

Are planned surgeries back up?  Are your PACU hours longer than desired? Effective patient flow, with a focus on prioritization of unit needs, improves the efficiencies of surgical admissions and flow. Contact us to learn more!